Why Squat?

For millenia, human beings have squatted to defecate. However, sometime in the 16th century, the first sitting toilet was invented in England and over time sitting toilets have become more and more popular. Traditionally people in Asia and Africa have squatted but with the Westernization of these societies, more and more people are installing Western style sitting toilets in the belief that they are being more modern.

However, there is plenty of evidence that sitting to defecate is unhealthy and leads to a wide variety of health issues. For more check out posts regarding the Health Benefits of Squatting Toilets. And on a tangential note, the benefits of the paleo squat as a workout as well.

If you are convinced of the wide range of benefits of squatting, don’t worry – you don’t have to throw out your existing sitting toilet at home. There are many ingenious and well design products that let you safely and comfortably squat while using your sitting toilet.

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